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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Crown Heights - Thieves Rob, Attempt to Rape Crown Heights Woman

Last night at about 9:00pm, a young Jewish woman was walking in Crown Heights when she was accosted by three African-American males, who threw her to the ground, covered her mouth and began to tug off her skirt.

The incident occurred on Carroll St. between Troy and Schenectady Ave.

The girl realized what they were trying to do; she pulled her mouth free and begged them to just take her belongings and leave her alone.

Thankfully, the perpetrators acceded. They grabbed her shoulder bag, and made off.

After recovering slightly from the shock of what had transpired, the girl called Shomrim, who arrived quickly.

Her bag and glasses were found discarded at the end of the block – near Schenectady Ave. Her money, credit cards, camera, iPod and cell phone were all missing.

Shomrim then took her to the 71st precinct, where she filed a criminal report. The police refused to categorize the crime as attempted rape, despite the girl’s insistence that they had attempted to do so.

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