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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Female Soldier: Haredi man spat on me and my mother

A female IDF soldier filed a police complaint against a haredi man whom she claims spat on her and her mother while the two were sitting inside their car on the Bar Ilan road in Jerusalem.

Police scanned the area but could not trace the man. "I felt helplessness and frustration," Haleli Yitzhak said.

According to the soldier, the haredi man shouted the words "Good women, good women" at her and then spat at her mother. "He hit her neck and then spat on me," she claims.

"Several minutes later we made a u-turn and returned to the junction," she recounted. "I noticed him entering a yeshiva and managed to take a photograph of his back before he disappeared."

She further added, "As a native of Jerusalem I know and respect this society. I know it's just a handful of people that tarnishes the reputation of an entire sector. I was very offended by what he did."

Yitzhak said she would recognize the man if she saw him again.

Jerusalem District Police said in response, "Patrol officers arrived at the scene and launched a search. The suspect has yet to be traced."

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