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Thursday, September 27, 2012

NYPD Sex offender actually raped actress TWICE in Hudson River Park

THE high-risk sex offender who attacked a young actress in Hudson River Park at dawn Saturday actually raped his victim twice, prosecutors say.

After the first attack, the woman managed to briefly escape from twisted ex-con Jonathan Stewart, 25. But Stewart chased her down, grabbed her by the throat, punched her and sexually assaulted her again, said Assistant District Attorney Alyssa Gunther at Stewart’s arraignment Wednesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

The victim again broke free from Stewart, who has a prior 2004 conviction for robbery and sexual assault on two women, and fled naked until encountering park cops.

Stewart pursued, but turned tail and casually walked away when he saw the woman talking to police, Gunther said. He was found a short time later cowering shirtless in the median strip on West St., she added.

Stewart’s prior conviction for sexual abuse of two women using a knife caused him to be registered as level 3 sex offender, the most dangerous type of sexual predator.

Stewart was arraigned via video conference from Bellevue Hospital where he is recovering from a suicide attempt on Sunday.


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  1. What was this animal doing on the streets?
    What is wrong with the judicial system in NY?