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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Amanda Bynes charged with DWI

Friday was just not Amanda Bynes’ best day.

Aside from getting dropped by her agent, publicist, and entertainment lawyer, Bynes was charged on not one — but two — counts of driving on a suspended license.

Coming after several weeks of unruly behavior on the road, the 26-year-old actress’ two counts are connected to two incidents last Sunday when police eventually impounded her black BMW.

On Sunday, officers pulled the star over near Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport, just outside Los Angeles.

Only an hour-and-half later, police pulled her over again. They found her license had been suspended and impounded her vehicle and issued Bynes a misdemeanor ticket, TMZ reported.

This came less than a week after Bynes was spotted smoking something that looked strikingly similar to pot in the front seat of the same car. The impounding also followed a DUI arrest in April and two alleged hit-and-run cases in April and August.

If being weird on the road wasn’t enough, the former “All That” star was kicked out of her Equinox gym in Hollywood Thursday for some bizarre behavior.

Bynes was reportedly disruptive during a 50-minute spin class and got up in the middle of the session to search for a new bike.

When she finally found a different one, she threw off her top and exposed her tiny black bra to the entire class.

She also stopped spinning about half an hour into the workout in order to dig through a Louis Vuitton purse, pick out some makeup, and start putting it on.

In light of her gym antics, Bynes reportedly denied any rumors of instability and said that she is “doing amazing.”

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