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Friday, August 16, 2013

Settlers say activist tased despite cooperating with police

A video released Friday shows police repeatedly tasing a man in front of children, despite him apparently offering no resistance to his arrest.
The video, released by a spokesman for the settlement of Yitzhar, shows police arresting right-wing activist Boaz Albert inside a home in the settlement. Albert is seen getting electrically shocked several times, while a child screams and cries in the background. 
Albert had broken a police order keeping him out of the West Bank.

A spokesperson for the police told Israel National News that Albert was acting tendentiously and that the arresting officers from the special Yasam patrol unit acted according to rules and without violence.

According to news outlet Nana10, police also claimed a second man attacked officers and tried to stop the arrest and that they employed force against him.
According to accounts from residents of the settlement, Albert ran into a room and lay on the floor when police burst into his home. Upon grabbing him, they tased him several times, in front of his children, whom police blocked from being able to leave the room.

In the video, Albert pleads several times with police to stop shocking him and that he is not resisting arrest. After being taken out of the house, the sound of a taser is heard again as a woman yells that he is not using violence.

Residents of the settlement said Albert’s brother was tased by police as well, according to Nana10.

The video drew widespread condemnation among settler leaders.

“The movie shows barbaric violence employed by Yasam officers,” Samaria Regional Council head Gershon Masika said. “In an orderly country, it is unacceptable for men of the law to use barbaric violence. We will work to create a committee to look into the incident and for the violent officers to face charges.”

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