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Thursday, August 29, 2013

IDF soldiers caught on film dancing in a Palestinian club

A video recently shown by Israeli media has documented some rather unconventional behavior from Israel Defense Forces soldiers in Hebron. 

During a patrol in the area, likely aimed at investigating the loud music emanating from a party in one of the city's neighborhoods, several soldiers decided to join in the celebrations, and can be seen dancing alongside partygoers.

The video clip was uploaded to the web on Tuesday, with the title "Israeli soldiers dancing at a Palestinian wedding in Hebron." With the popular song "Gangam Style" playing in the background, the solders are seen capering about the dance floor.

The soldiers dancing while clad in full gear, including helmets, vests, and weapons, make for a bizarre sight. 

The partygoers seemed to think so as well, as the video shows many people whip out their cellphones to document the strange scene. After a few moments, some of the other people at the party even hoist the soldiers up onto their shoulders. 

The "joint" celebration continues for a few minutes, and the party's DJ seems to be happy with the situation, as he can be seen clapping along in the video as well.

The IDF was not particularly pleased with the video, which raises doubts as to whether or not the soldiers in question followed regulations during that patrol. 

The soldiers could have easily caused some kind of clash with the partygoers, with serious consequences, rather than a slightly funny, if not bizarre video clip. 

Ditching a patrol to join in on the dance floor, even for a few minutes, is most likely a violation of standing orders.

The IDF Spokesperson's unit has not released an official response, but an IDF official stated that "the clip has been taken down from the web, and the soldiers that were involved and participated in the party have been suspended pending an investigation."

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