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Monday, August 12, 2013

Andrew Madoff Says He'll "Never Forgive" His Father

New York - While fighting a second bout with stage four mantle cell lymphoma, Andrew Madoff says he is still not ready to forgive his father for the damage he caused.
The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS reports that Madoff, the sole surviving son of Ponzi scheme-king Bernie Madoff, said that the stress and shame he has had to endure in the fallout of his jailed father’s criminal behavior is responsible for the re-emergence of the cancer he thought he had beaten a decade ago.

The 47 year-old Madoff said a stem cell transplant he received in May seemed to be doing well, but faltered recently, causing him to undergo a donor infusion on Tuesday, a procedure doctors say has a 50/50 chance of helping.
“Things were humming along nicely,” Madoff said. “But then one of the components of the transplant started failing.”

Madoff said the unwavering support from his fiancée, children, and friends has been comforting, and that, despite the fact that he and his late brother, Mark, initially severed relations with mother Ruth due to her continued defense of Bernie, he has mended that relationship.
But forgiving Bernie is another story completely, and not one Andrew is interested in revisiting.

“Even on my deathbed I will never forgive him for what he did,” said Madoff.

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