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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Australian Judge Overturns Ruling By Religious Jewish Court; Cites "Misconduct" By Beth Din Rabbis

Sydney, Australia - Saying that the “requirement for impartiality was not met,” an Australian Supreme Court Judge has rejected a ruling handed down by the Beth Din Jewish religious court of Sydney, which called for an Australian man to pay over $300,000 to an Israeli in a deal involving the sale of shares in an Australian company.

In issuing her ruling on Monday, New South Wales Supreme Court Justice Monika Schmidt upheld a motion to dismiss the ruling filed by the defendant, Benjamin Amzalak, citing “problems with recording keeping” by the Beth Din court; a “failure” by the plaintiff to initially make his case; and “misconduct” by the Beth Din in “arbitral proceedings.”

The Beth Din ruling against Mr. Amzalak was originally handed down in 2010, after which Amzalak refused to comply while under appeal.

Amzalak’s non-compliance ultimately resulted in a “siruv” being handed down in late 2010, effectively calling for his excommunication.

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