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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Martin friedlander PC

Martin E. Friedlander, the principal of Martin Friedlander, PC as well as our staff of
attorneys specialize in Family and Matrimonial Law. The firm is reknown for its personalized
attention to each client and its prompt response to all quires. The firm handles all aspects of
complex litigation from efforts to resolve matters amicably to Appellate work. Our attorneys
have appeared in all Courts in New York State as well as Nassau County. They have appeared
and argued cases before the First, Second and Third Departments of the Appellate Division of
the State of New york. He is the author of the newspaper column "In Whose Best Interesf'.
Many cases that the firm have been involved with have been reported in State reporters as well
as featured in New york Law Journal. Refenals are available to all areas of law. Our attorneys
have appeared on behalf of our clients at mediation, arbitrations as well as Beth Din. He received
semicha from Rav pam, ztz"land is a Talmud of Rav Yisroel Belsky, Shlita. Mr. Friedlander is a
member of the Brooklyn Bar Associations and has been a member of its Board of Directors as
well as vice chair of its Family Law section. Mr. Friedlander has lectured on matrimonial matters
and has been consulted by practitioners from throughout the world as well as Rabbinical Courts.
Mr. Friedlander works closely with Rabbinical attorneys (Toanim) in representing religious
clients before the Beth Din and Arbitration Boards. He has also been instrumental in publication
of inspiration books to the public.

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