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Monday, June 21, 2010

Criminal Investigations – Fraud

A private investigator does his job quietly and discretely, without causing a public stir that may sabotage the proceedings of the investigation. We employ seasoned private investigators with years of experience conducted complex investigations for the purpose of collecting evidence. Senior investigators from our agency have previously served in elite IDF units, the police, and in governmental investigation sectors.

Leni Ludwig, a company CEO, stormed into his office. He had spent the past week in intensive meetings with senior analysts in New York, and presented them with a report of the company’s performance in anticipation of the company going public in the stock market. He was only able to read the information sent to him by the company’s Security Officer on his return flight. This information made him furious and restless. “The company’s technical support employees are forging their time sheets,” was the subject line for the information sent to the CEO. “You will receive additional details in a personal meeting,” promised the Security Officer.

“Listen,” said the Security Officer at the beginning of the meeting. “I have received information from various sources informing me that a number of technical support employees are not using their time sheets appropriately when they end their shifts. As it appears, the suspected employees made some kind of arrangement with other employees who punch their time cards at later hours after the first set of employees has left work already. This way, they get payment for hours that they never even worked.”

“What am I supposed to do about this?” the CEO asked. “There are two options,” suggested the experienced Security Officer. “The first option is to file a police report. The second option is to approach private investigations that I know and trust, who can conduct a discrete private investigation for us to either confirm or refute our suspicions.” The CEO and the Security Officer weighed the options along with their ramifications. This was not an easy decision to make.

Sir CEO!

Heed our advice. As private investigators, we have a wealth of experience conducting professional and reliable investigations in the fields of forgery, theft from an employer, and everything related to honesty in the workplace. Registering a complaint with the police will not assist or advance the necessary investigation. The police are not available, and not enthusiastic about handling this type of complaint. It is not one of their priorities.

Besides, bringing the police into the realm of the company for investigation purposes so close to the date when the company intends to go public may damage the company’s reputation. Call us today, and we will expose the employees tampering with their timesheets in order to deceptively receive overtime wages.

The Director of Investigations at our agency established the Investigation Department at the Authority for Business Limitations and is a first rate private investigator and professional. The Joe Levin Investigation Agency employs private investigators with a great deal of experience in conducting complex criminal investigations for various elite security units.

We conduct background checks and examinations for leading attorney offices in the criminal field. The findings of our private investigations have, on multiple occasions, assisted in law suits. We conduct special trustworthiness examinations in conjunction with polygraph tests in order to evaluate the character of applicants for sensitive job positions

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