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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Gur Hasidic Rabbi Orders Male Followers Not to Shake Hands With Other Men

The Hasidic sect of Gur was shocked to learn that their rabbi has issued a ban on handshakes between men as it might lead some to sin. the Hebrew daily Ma’ariv reported based on a report on a haredi blog
At a recent meeting, the head of the Gur education department, Rabbi Abraham Benjamin Silberberg, said that shaking another man’s hand is now prohibited because it can lead to sinful thoughts.

Rabbi Silberberg notified education supervisors about the new ruling at the special meeting, and ordered them to begin educating Gur boys about deviant male handshakes. Silberberg said that two males are only allowed to touch each other’s fingertips, however, it is better for men and boys to avoid touching completely.
He also instructed yeshiva teachers to educate teen boys and young men to avoid touching each other. “This new prohibition will ensure the holiness of our next generation,” Silberberg said.

Silberberg allegedly claims that when men shake hands or have other incidental contact with other men it automatically wakes up the evil inclination and brings on obscene thoughts, the BaOlam Shel Haredim blog reportedly wrote.
A few weeks ago, several rabbis in Bnei Brak issued a ruling that it is prohibited to carry a groom on one’s shoulders while dancing at weddings.

The rabbis said that they banned the practice after a groom, who was carried on a friend’s shoulders, was unable to consummate his marriage after the wedding.

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