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Monday, August 5, 2013

Lauren Silverman's husband owns Panama 'prostitute' palace

It just gets seamier.

Simon Cowell’s baby mama is married to a guy who co-owns a Panama City resort that’s notorious as a haven for hookers.

Friends and relatives of cuckolded hubby Andrew Silverman have tried to claim the moral high ground on his behalf since he sued wife Lauren for divorce last month after she got knocked up by his friend Cowell.

But the sleazy atmosphere at the Veneto — which the Silverman family bought for $90 million in 2007 — is hard to ignore.

 The Panama Sex Guide Web site notes that the Veneto “has been a Panama sex destination for decades, adding, “If you find what you are looking for, you can take them up to your room with no questions asked and no need to leave the hotel.”

The year before Andrew, 38, and his brother took over the joint, the travel Web site The Panama Report said the Veneto’s “resident hookers are fun to an extent: They’re like a wild zebra which the safari-going vacationers find exotic and untamed, however, there’s something to be said (or maybe kept quiet) about prostitutes calling you from the lounge area as you check in.”

A recent review on the TripAdvisor Web site warns that the place is “not great for family visits,” given its prostitutes.

Just last month, another reviewer on the site, “CW” of Sydney, Australia, said the casino is full of hookers, with up to 100 on the prowl each night.

“Very easy to identify these women who are mostly well dressed with straight hair and with breast and buttock implants,” CW wrote.

Prostitution is legal in Panama.

A source said Andrew’s parents, Allen and Elenora, never approved of Lauren and didn’t even attend the couple’s wedding.

But the source also said Andrew “is no angel, either.”

“He has been known to say to friends, ‘Let’s go away and get some girls,’ presumably to his place in Panama,” the source said.

Another source said Andrew routinely asked the husbands of Lauren’s friends to join him in Las Vegas for party weekends.

“He is a pig!” exclaimed one married father who said he repeatedly refused the requests.

In defense of Andrew, a friend of the couple said, “A bunch of guys going away for the weekend is pretty normal behavior — especially compared to someone getting pregnant by someone who’s not their husband.

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