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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Brooklyn, NY - Orthodox Man Whose Beating By Police Was Caught On Tape To Sue NYPD

Brooklyn, NY - A Brooklyn man whose beating by police officers was caught on videotape is now suing the officers and the city.

Attorneys for Ehud Halevy, 21, filed a civil rights lawsuit against officers Luis Vega and Yelena Bruzzese on Tuesday.

The suit stems from Halevy’s encounter with the officers at the Alternative Learning Institute for Young Adults in October.

Police said a security guard called 911 after finding Halevy sleeping naked inside the center.

When Halevy refused to leave, video captured Vega punching Halevy several times before arresting him.

Charges against Halevy were dropped after the center confirmed he was allowed to stay there.

Halevy’s attorney, Norman Siegel, said his client is now receiving counseling for pain and trauma suffered from the incident.

“For all the New Yorkers who saw the video, when you see it, you want to put your hands over your eyes because very rarely do you see this kind of stark video of police brutality,” Siegel said.

The New York City Law Department said it will review papers related to the case.

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