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Monday, January 28, 2013

Satmar Rabbi Protects Rabbi's

Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum

A Satmar holy man who stirred controversy in a scandalous sex-abuse case is publicly praying for leniency on behalf of a disgraced former city jail chaplain who helped scam tax-funded housing benefits.

Grand Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum invoked God and the Bible in a letter to federal Judge Kevin Castel, who is weighing the fate of Rabbi Leib Glanz.

Teitelbaum said Glanz “has led a life of dedication to his faith and to others,” adding: “It grieves me that he finds himself in his current predicament.”

“He and I have spoken about his case at length and I can assure the court that his shame and humiliation have already exacted a significant toll and punishment,” Teitelbaum wrote.

Teitelbaum — who said he leads about 250,000 Satmars worldwide — also quoted from the Book of Deuteronomy in his letter to Manhattan federal Judge Kevin Castel, saying, “Justice, justice shall ye pursue.”

Teitelbaum recently spurred outrage when he spoke out against the underage sex-abuse victim of unlicensed Satmar therapist Nechemya Weberman, likening the teen to a “whore.”

Weberman last week got 103 years behind bars for his perverted crimes, which began when the victim was just 12.

Glanz was busted in 2011, about two years after a Post exposé about the six-hour bar mitzvah he arranged for a fraudster’s son inside The Tombs jail, the city’s downtown Manhattan lockup.


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