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Friday, February 14, 2014

Kiryas Joel - Attorney: Monroe Land Owners Opposition To KJ Land Annex Rooted In "Anti-Semitism"

Kiryas Joel - The Manhattan attorney representing the Monroe land owners seeking to annex their land and become part of the village of Kiryas Joel said in an open letter to the residents of Monroe that their opposition to both the land annex and “bloc voting” by the residents of KJ is rooted in “anti-Semitism.”

THEPHOTO Reports that in his letter, Attorney Steven Barshov scolded Monroe opposition members for “the absence of civility and by the vitriol and hate that was the instant reaction by a rather vocal minority to the filing of an annexation petition by property owners.”

Addressing opposition charges of the predominantly Hasidic Jewish KJ residents voting in a “bloc”, Barshov wrote, “Isn’t that how democracy works?’ while noting that Republicans, Democrats, Hispanics and African-Americans regularly vote in blocs.

Barshov said, “And, even more to the point, what is wrong with like-minded people voting as a block (sic)? So, tell me, what is it that causes such hatred when Hasidic Jewish families vote together? Although people will deny it, it is anti-Semitism. And it is as ugly as ever.”

Opposition member Emily Convers, who heads up United Monroe, said, “Right out the gate, their high-powered New York attorney is pulling the anti-Semitic card. 

The anti-Semitic remark will not even be dignified with a response; it’s so overplayed and absurd. 

I want echo what County Legislator Michael Anagnostakis said at Monday’s board meeting, which is the county the simply cannot afford this expansion.”

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