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Monday, August 12, 2013

Man Allegedly Beaten For Looking At Pregnant Chareidi Woman Identified By Police, Remains In ICU

Three Weeks after being beaten by a local “modesty squad”, authorities have released the identity of the 50 year old chareidi man, who remains unconscious and on a respirator in the intensive care unit of a Petach Tikva hospital.
According to reports on Israeli news site Ch. 2 mako, 50 year old Hertzel Moshiach had been waiting for a bus on Rechov Weitzman in the Kiryat Sanz section of Netanya, next to Laniado Hospital, at approximately 11 PM Motzei Shabbos .

As previously reported on T.O.T. News, Moshiach was beaten after a group of chareidim allegedly observed him looking at a pregnant chareidi woman who was also waiting at the bus stop.

In a video taken at Moshiach’s bedside Moshiach’s sister, Esther Shem Tov, recounted that neighbors alerted her to the attack.
“They said, ‘Esther, run, they are killing your brother.  We don’t know if he is alive or dead but they are beating him with deathly blows’.”

“How a healthy person is going, not hurting anyone, never does anything wrong to anyone ever and the tznius squad decides to attack him, for what?  Because he looked at a pregnant woman?” added another sister, Racheli Tzabari. 


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