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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Jerusalem - Women Of The Wall Announce First-Ever Selichot Service For September 1st

Jerusalem - Representatives for the women’s prayer group Women of the Wall have announced plans to hold a special, first-ever Selichot service at the Western Wall on September 1st, a service they say has been scheduled due to popular demand.
HAARETZ  is reporting that Shira Pruce, public relations director for the group, said the special service became necessary because the group does not hold its monthly meeting on Rosh Hashanah, and since Rash Hashanah also coincidentally falls on the first day of the Jewish month, two months would have elapsed before the next meeting of the group, and group members did not want to go that long without meeting.

“Our core group has grown in recent months from about 50 participants to 200,” said Pruce. “The women love being involved and meeting at the Kotel, so they’ve asked to start meeting more.”
Pruce cautioned that the additional meeting should not be misinterpreted as a trend by the group to start meeting more frequently, but rather a singular event.

“Of course we could pray Selichot in private,” said Pruce, “but for us, the group prayer experience empowers and heightens our individual prayer, as does our presence at the Kotel.”

During its last two monthly meetings, the group has been prevented by police from entering the women’s prayer section on Rosh Chodesh after thousands of young seminary girls showed up early and filled up all available space at the request of their rabbinical leaders.

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