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Friday, February 14, 2014

Victim Of Y.U. Sex-Abuse Says In Hashem's Eyes There Is No Statute Of Limitations

                                                    Rabbi rwin Kula

New York, NY - Despite the fact that he chose not to sign-on to the recently dismissed $680M sexual-abuse lawsuit against the school, Irwin Kula, rabbi and president of The National Jewish Center for Learning and Leadership, says he, too, was victim of the abuse and in a scathing op-ed published on Thursday in The Jewish Daily Forward calls out Y.U., saying that “from God’s perspective there is no statute of limitations.”

Calling Y.U. and its administrators “models of shame,” Kula states that “in the court of the ethical, psychological, and spiritual…Y.U. is more than guilty.”

Kula scoffs at Y.U.‘s “self-proclaimed” moniker of “North America’s Torah-informed institution,” and chastises the school for shriveling under a cloak of “secrecy” when “Y.U. could have been a model for how traditional religious institutions deal with young people who have been sexually molested by self-styled holy men while other selfstyled holy men shielded the abusers from judicial consequences.

In conclusion, Kula states that “for decades now we have known that those who claim with most certainty and fierceness to know God’s will and who see themselves most clearly as God’s chosen actually most embarrass the God they claim to know and are so much less worthy than those over whom they imagine to be so superior.”

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