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Monday, February 17, 2014

New York - Cuomo's Crackdown On Tax Scofflaws Suspends Licenses Of 7,850 New Yorkers

New York - As promised, in accordance with Gov. Cuomo’s crackdown on scofflaw taxpayers, the DMV has suspended the driver’s licenses of 7,850 New Yorkers for failing to pay up during the time allotted.

The NEW YORK POST reports that drivers owing more than $10K in unpaid taxes were given 60 days beginning in the summer to either pay up or have their names forwarded to the DMV for suspension.

Reps for the state say more than 17,000 warnings were sent out, and that the state has netted some $48M so far from drivers who have settled-up, but for those who haven’t—-reckoning day has arrived.

According to DMV records, Manhattan leads the pack in drivers whose licenses have been yanked, with 1,104—-followed by Queens with 1,071, and Brooklyn with 1,019.

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