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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Lawyers for mobster Shalom Domrani investigated for alleged threat against prosecutor

Shalom Domrani

Attorneys for mobster Shalom Domrani have been questioned under caution following alleged threats made against the prosecutor working an extortion and other serious crimes case against their client.

The allegations deal with a statement made in a recent hearing by Domrani’s attorney Moshe Sherman, who told the prosecutor, Sigal Dahan-Hirsch, that they should hand over the investigative material to Domrani “and he can deal with it.”

Sherman, who was questioned along with Domrani’s attorney Moti Benita, told The Jerusalem Post: “I’m in this business for 29 years, you think I’m going to do something as stupid as threaten a prosecutor in front of a judge and an entire courtroom? I never threatened anyone, the judge knows this and this investigation is just a matter of the prosecutor’s subjective interpretation of what I said, that’s all.”

Sherman implied that the investigation, an attempt to embarrass him and the rest of Domrani’s legal team in response to what he said, is their frustration at their weak case against the mobster and his organization.

In November, the Southern District Attorney’s Office filed an indictment against alleged crime boss Shalom Domrani on charges including extortion and illegally influencing elections.

According to the indictment in the Beersheba District Court, Domrani threatened Rabbi Yaakov Ifergan to cease his support of Eyal Masika in the Netivot municipal elections, as part of a conspiracy with Ifergan’s rabbinic rival, Rabbi Yoram Abergil, to advance candidate Yehiel Zohar.

The indictment said the tension between the two rabbinic camps has led to violence in the past.

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