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Sunday, February 16, 2014

NY - Bishop In DeBlasio Arrest Call Accused Of Being A "Slumlord"

A former tenant of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s friend and supporter Bishop Orlando Findlayter said the Bishop was a “slumlord” who was quick to evict, despite his refusal to perform upkeep on his properties decades ago.

The NEW YORK POST reports that 42 year-old Jason Brewster said the Bishop evicted him and his family from his three-unit building at 726A Quincy Street after Brewster stopped paying rent in protest of Findlayter’s refusal to make repairs on a railing that put his two young children in danger.

“He was a slumlord. Bottom line was he didn’t want to fix anything. We owed money because we refused to pay any more,” Brewster said.

Findlayter and Mayor de Blasio made the headlines this week following the Bishop’s arrest late Monday night in Brooklyn on charges of driving with a suspended license and two outstanding warrants.

De Balsio drew calls of “favoritism” and “undue influence” after he personally intervened on behalf of the Bishop upon learning of his arrest.

On Thursday, a sheepish de Blasio appeared uneasy as he answered questions about his involved in the Bishop’s legal woes, but nevertheless defended his actions.

“This is an unusual situation where a very prominent member of the clergy obviously was experiencing a pretty unusual situation, so I thought it was appropriate to make an inquiry, and I got a response, and that’s the end of the story,” de Blasio said on Thursday.

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