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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Jerusalem - Protest In Shul After Rabbi Mordechai Elon Called Up To Torah

Jerusalem - Stunned worshippers many of whom eventually left in protest sat in awe after Rabbi Mordechai Elon, previously convicted of molesting a former student, was called up to Torah last week at the Shtieblach synagogue in the Old Katamon neighborhood of Jerusalem, one of the most famous institutions in the capital city.

Maariv Reports that Rabbi Yehuda Froman, who was in attendance, took to the stage following Elon, and said, “On behalf of all the victims, I protest.”

Later, Rabbi Froman relayed that worshippers were initially shocked that Elon would violate their peace and tranquility mid-prayer, but that Elon left after he made his protest.

Rabbi Froman said he, too, was taken by surprise, and debated in his own mind as to how properly handle the situation.

“When I suddenly saw that he Elon was called to Torah, I considered how to correctly respond. 

On one hand he had a child, probably one of his grandchildren, and I didn’t want to cause trauma to the child. But on the other hand, letting him off scott-free is impossible.”

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