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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Google Buys Israeli Security Firm SlickLogin

Google, the internet giant, is acquiring the Israeli security firm SlickLogin in an "Acqui-hiring" deal, which means the staff and its knowledge will be integrated into the company. The acquisition was announced by SlickLogan Sunday morning.

Slicklogin, a very young company, was founded by Or Zelig (CEO), Eran Galili (VP of technology) and Ori Kabeli (VP R&D). They only began developing the product last August, presented it at the Tech Crunch Disrupt in San Francisco in September and registered as a company in December.

The three will be joining Google's development center this week and then integrated into the company's global security team.

SlickLogin has yet to launch a commercial product and still hasn't accrued clients, so the purchase is in fact of the technology itself. The three founders gained experience in mobile security and password authentication during their military service. The team will continue developing the security services technology, but the SlickLogin product itself may not necessarily be adopted by Google.

SlickLogin's product offers users a secure way to view websites by holding their mobile phone close to the computer they use to access, for example, their bank account. The goal is to streamline the authentication process.

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